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This is a list and description of various eighties dances. The eighties in general didn't spawn dance crazes like the sixties did, but there's a couple I can think of. So far I've just listed a few dances based on songs, but the eighties did spawn Ska and Breakdancing. Both of which I believe got their start in the seventies, but got it's popular recognition in the eighties (though Ska seems to be much more popular in the nineties than Breakdancing).

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SORT MAGNETIC LETTERS  with the children.  It sounds so very simple, but it really helps kids to focus on how letters are alike, how they’re different, and what shapes they are comprised of.  Ideas on how to sort the letters — by color, uppercase versus lowercase, letters with holes versus letters without holes, letters with straight lines versus letters without straight lines, etc.   Click here for more detailed information about sorting magnetic letters .

Confetti's - The Sound Of C...Confetti's - The Sound Of C...Confetti's - The Sound Of C...Confetti's - The Sound Of C...

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