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In December 2015-January 2016, Rhys fronted a co-production with National Theatre Wales titled "The Insatiable, Inflatable Candylion", featuring songs from Candylion and several new tracks. The music and lyrics were by Gruff Rhys and the play's text, which included audience participation, by Tim Price. The musicians appearing with Rhys were Lisa Jên Brown (who also sang on the original album), Sweet Baboo , Emma Daman Thomas and Kliph Scurlock . The show also included actors Remy Beasley, Matthew Bulgo, Dyfan Dwyfor , Natasha Lewis and Dyfrig Morris. [9]

Dabei geht es nicht ausschließlich um die 90er sondern auch um die frühen 2000er der Technomusik. Genauer, um unsere Jahrgänge 1990-2008. Das Genre Techno wird dabei nicht als ein solches gesehen sondern dient als ein Obergriff für die damaligen Genres. Diese Liste enthält somit alle relevanten Genres, wie : Trance, Hardtrance, Progressive, Hardstyle, Hardcore, House, etc. und ist mit knapp Titeln, die wahrscheinlich umfangreichste (sortierbare) Datenbank für Techno Classics (Techno Lieder Liste) im deutschsprachigen Internet.

Despite popular belief, music genres are not categories. The sum of all popular music is far larger than the sum of all popular music genres. It is also of little importance to know of each and every song or album to which genre it belongs. Integral classification (whether automatic-algorithmically as mentioned before or manually-peer reviewed) however, is not impossible provided that dynamic tagging (meaning one song can belong to different genres at the same time) is carefully implemented. Nevertheless, the concept of music genres itself serves as a vital instrument of communication: a language. What records do I seek or what music is played at that location? Obviously, it is of great importance that everyone speaks the same language. Otherwise genres are only prejudicial instead of beneficial. The general debate about genres is often polarized, with lovers (creating countless subgenres) or haters (who believe that genres are completely meaningless). Musicmap tries to promote a nuanced middle ground based on common sense and historical / social reality.

01 Unknown Artist - Intro
02 Frank Kvitta vs. Alex Kvitta - NTSC
03 The Anxious - Hold Back
04 Glenn Wilson - Serum (Lars Klein Remix)
05 Sven Wittekind - Sucker, Fuck U Too
06 Frank Kvitta vs. DJ Mahatma - Mad
07 DJ Tocadisco - Nobody Likes The Records That I Play (Frank
Kvitta Remix)
08 ViperXXL - Rubber Cell
09 DJ Amok - Nightmare Part 2
10 KAOZ - Büstenhalter
11 DJ Amok - Stomp
12 ViperXXL - I Am A Happy Tree
13 Sven Wittekind - Serious Bitch
14 SEEMA - Tobsucht
15 Boris S. - My Nightmare
16 Frank Kvitta - Reinsteckefuchs
17 Frank Kvitta vs. Veto - Tourette Part 2
01 Unknown Artist - Intro
02 Frank Kvitta - Titty Twister (Arkus P. Remix)
03 Sven Wittekind - Pleasure And Pain
04 DJ Ocram - Game Over (Switchblade Remix)
05 SEEMA - Riot Club
06 ViperXXL - Silent Hill
07 ViperXXL - 25/17
08 Matt M. Maddox - Hulus
09 Frank Kvitta - Face Slapper
10 Tomash Gee - Orgrish Scream
11 Unknown Artist - Geheim 01
12 Tomash Gee - Trauma (DJ Amok Remix)
13 Arkus P. - Power Of Nothing14 Arkus P. vs. Sven Wittekind -
Friendly Fire 01
15 Robert Natus & Arkus P. - Friendly Fire 02
16 Felix Kröcher - Cracked
17 ViperXXL - Robocop

01 Unknown Artist - Intro
02 Frank Kvitta - Face Slappers (Arkus P. Remix)
03 Tomash Gee - Bug
04 Diaphragm - This Is Techno
05 Arkus P. - Main Sequence
06 Diaphragm - The World Of E
07 Lars Klein - Creeper
08 Eric Sneo - Going On
09 Andre Walter - Äquinox
10 Sven Wittekind - Sucker Fuck U Too
11 Boris S. - Hello Sindy
12 Amos - De Janeiro Express (Tadox Remix)
13 Boris S. - Point Of No Return
14 Unknown Artist - Skull Tunes Limited #01 - B1
15 Mike Dust vs. Boris S. - Killaz From Hell
01 Boris S. & . Funkstar - Lick My Pussy
02 Pneumatik - We Want It All
03 Andrew Wooden - Hitchhiker (The Entity Mix)
04 Los 3 Brasileros - Vivo (Eric Sneo Remix)
05 Boris S. & Greg Silver - 2000
06 Andrew Wooden - Allendorf
07 Robert Natus - Pain
08 Arkus P. - Friendship
09 Greg Silver - Chaos Theory
10 Unknown Artist - Skull Tunes Limited #01- A1
11 Matt M. Maddox - Bazuka
12 Boris S. - Why
13 Felix Kröcher - Speeding Up
14 Boris S. & . Funkstar - Stoned & Rollin

@kroma I’ve imported it to my MEGA Drive. Would that be sufficient? I’m unable to download them now due to data speeds here out in the country. T_T But if it’s already good, then I’ve nothing to worry about. As long as I can go back later.

Unknown Artist - Schranz To NowhereUnknown Artist - Schranz To NowhereUnknown Artist - Schranz To NowhereUnknown Artist - Schranz To Nowhere


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